In the last 10 years,

Gold Palm has redirected its strategy towards a progressive specialization in the Washingtonia palm variety. This specialization has led us to develop a very high quality plants and to be able to offer an unbeatable market price.

All this has allowed us to become one of the largest producers and exporters lf Washingtonia palms in the world.


Gold Palm currently dedicates an approximate area of 200.000 square meters to the production of Washingtonia palms, distributed in Valencia and Alicante provinces.

This reaches the total of 40.000-50.000 units between 3 and 10 meters high.

Washingtonia Palms & Export Process

We take great care in every detail of the esport process so that our plants reach their destination in the best possible situation. The experience of all these years has helped us to hace a sufficiently prepared and specialized team for this type of operations. Thaks to them, we can proudly say that the mortality of out palms is practically non-existent. Some of the key points during this process are:
  • Use of the appropriate machinery and tools. Our fleet is specialized for this type of work.
  • Application of the relevant phytosanitary treatments. Tested and certified by the Ministry.
  • Use of quality materials ro cover the plants. We use high quality jute fabrics to cover the root ball and leaves.
  • Fast management of the whole process, which allows plants to be uprooted as short as possible.